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Monday, January 21, 2019


Our Services

We provide a full range of products and services to tailor for any situation for both Business and Home. Our services are second to none from pc repair to complete network design and implementation. Weither you want to upgrade your existing computer or want a complete custom built PC, i-Click Solutions can provide you with full help and support from start to finish!

Featured Services

Following are summary of a few of our main services. For more information of any Custom requirements, please contact us. We will be more than happy to discuss your needs and business requirements.


PC & Epos Health Check

Is you PC or Epos System running slow, Internet browser keeps crashing or even the system keeps hanging, time to call in for an MOT for your system. Our Health Check is same as an MOT which will pro-long the life of your system and take the stress out of your daily life. Our Health Check includes clearing out any unwanted data from the hard disk, Checking your antivirus software and updating, running system monitor to check any performance bottlenecks & Give you a full analysis of what is wrong. The best course of action to prevent it in future, & much more. Contact us Now! to book your Health Check...


Epos Setup & Programming

We Offer a comprehensive product programming service whereby you can send us a list of all your products, existing barcodes, special offers, and prices, and we can import them all for you so that when you receive the EPoS system you’re ready to trade immediately. If you have existing customers or even members with loyalty and membership cards, we can even put all of their details onto the system with all the sales history and information you have built up. If you offer happy hours, special offers like multi buy offers or any kind of change to normal pricing we can get these all programmed in for you. If you’re a bar, café, restaurant or any type of business in the hospitality industry, we can actually import straight from your menu, drink price lists or even speciality or season set menus.


Wired/Wireless Network Installation

Most people now have more than 1 PC in their house hold. Also new electronic gadgets and games like XBox, Internet Radio and laptops have the facility to connect to the internet and share music and files. But how can this be simplified so you can access and share what you want with ease. LAN (Local area connection) is the answer. We can link up your household computers and devices Wirelessly or Wired to make your life simpler. Now you dont have to copy information on external storage just to share with family members. For businesses, we can provide LAN solutions to link multiple computers with a Server for centeralised management and Internet sharing.


Web & E-mail

Do you use your PC only for Web access or E-mail. Need help setting up your e-mail client or trouble setting up your internet Modem or wireless Router. Maybe you are just interested in having your own internet presence and your own "" address. We can help you setup and maintain your own website and personalised e-mail (e.g. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ). We can also carry out proactive maintenance and updating of your website.


Back-up & Security

Do you have some very valuable business information that you cant imagine being without. The kind of information that if its lost, your business can be in jepordy. Than let us provide with a safe & secure back-up solution. Whether you want your information backed up online or just locally to an external drive. we can recommend the most appropriate solution to your needs. Be Secure & Be Protected...


Remote Access & VPN

Do you want to have access to your files & documents when you are out of office, or you have a multi-location business that you want centerly manage. We can provide Remote Access and VPN solutions to meet your needs. We can setup & implement Remote & VPN solutions and provide training to make your business grow ten folds. Call us now for information and demonstration on how this technology can work for you...


Remote & On-Site Support

Our IT Support staff are available to provide you with Phone Support, Remote dial-in help and if the issue is not resolved then On-Site support too. Home users can call our experienced staff to get advice and help, while small businesses can have access to our highly skilled staff without maintaining a in-house IT Department. Home users or small business, No job is too small. We always deal face-to-face with our customers to learn about their requirements and thus providing the best solution. Call us now for advice and assessment of your existing IT Infrastructure

Collect & Replace


We come & collect your faulty PC or Epos System from your home or business & where possible, supply you with a similar PC/epos. We will set it up so your daily use (e.g. cashtaking, internet, e-mail Printers etc.) does not get affected. When your PC/Epos is repaired, we will deliver it back.
*This service is free with all our standards call-outs.

No Fix - No Fee


We @ i-Click Solutions believe that the customer should not be charged, if we can not diagnose or fix the problem. In such a case, we will try our best to provide you with the best advice.
*Excludes any charges accepted by the customer prior to undertaking the job(e.g. call-out).

Blank Media


Blank Media available from CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-DL, USB Memory(2, 4, 8 & 16GB), External USB HDD, Network Storage & other Removeable Media available.

PC Components


Components from CD/DVD Drives to DVD Writers, RAM, Hard Drives, Graphics Cards, Motherboards, CPU etc.. available.



We also supply USB/PS2/Wireless Keyboards & Mouse, Monitors, Webcam, Speaker, Headphones, Bluetooth & Wireless Adaptors, Modelms(Cable/ADSL), Network Switches, Network Cables & more.

System Health Check

If you system is running slowly and your getting more pop-up messages than you anticipate. we recommend a full system health check. Call us Now! to book your PC Health Check.