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Saturday, November 18, 2017
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  • Sam4s SPS-500 Series

    2013-04-14 17:59:01
    Featuring a hybrid design, Sam4s has combined fast and simple ECR keyboard entry with an intuitively bright 7" touch pad operator display along with a range of keyboard designs including Raised or Flat for all situations. Brochure
  • Aures Odysse

    2013-04-14 17:59:01
    Odyssé is the first exclusive POSLIGNE® collection of integrated point-of-sale terminals with distinctively styled, colourful and contemporary lines. The unique ‘‘Clip’n Color’’ concept uses interchangeable polycarbonate colour clips located on the unit’s sides, touchscreen surround and integrated customer display, Odysée can change its colour to match retail stores’ brand image and visual identity as these evolve over time. Combining design style and high performance, the one-of-a-kind Odyssé terminal incorporates the latest POS technologies (Intel P4 processor, RAID 0/1, RFID, Wi-Fi interface, SATA disk drives and more). Brochure
    • Touchscreen
    • Windows
    • 15
  • Sam4s ER-420M

    2013-04-14 17:59:01
    If you need a low cost, simple, quick, quiet and economical cash register that will grow with your business then the ER-420M fits the bill. Brochure
  • Sam4s ER-900 Series

    2013-04-14 17:59:01
    The ER-900 series of ECRs are designed with a bright Alpha-Numeric display along with a range of keyboard designs including Raised or Flat for all Hospitality and Retail situations. Brochure
    • CashRegister
    • Eprom
  • Uniwell EX570

    2013-04-14 17:59:01
    The EX570 cash register is an exceptional machine offering great value for money. Two clam-shell thermal printers are used for receipt and journal giving fast, silent printing and allow easy drop-in paper roll changes. Brochure
    • CashRegister
    • Eprom
  • Sam4s SPS2000

    2013-04-14 17:59:01
    The Sam4s SPS-2000 features advanced touch screen technology. Pre-loaded with stable, proven and flexible software for both Hospitality and Retail Solutions. The latest, high performance, solid state onboard flash memory negates the need for unreliable hard drives and unnecessary operating systems. Brochure
    • Touchscreen
    • 12
    • Epos
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TouchPoint Pos Software

ICRTouch's flagship EPoS till software TouchPoint is effortless to use, reliable and proven. TouchPoint has been developed over 15 years and (thanks to annual software upgrades) it remains cutting edge. We're confident TouchPoint is the most reliable EPoS software of its kind on the market. ICRTouch has over 30 years experience in developing and supplying EPoS systems and we've sold nearly 40,000 EPoS software licences. Brochure

iClick Pos Software

iClick Epos Is The Next Generation of Fast Food Delivery Management System from iClick. it is a very simple order management suite created especially for the fast food outlets. With an easy to use intuitive interface, touch screen ready, designed to be both fast and user friendly. From Caller-ID to Calculating delivery distances and Overview Map to determine delivery Routes. For more control, Web Solution is provided for On-Line ordering.

Sentinel Epos Software

Sentinel Touch Screen Software is a powerful, yet user friendly point-of-sale application for use in Hospitality and Retail sectors. Easy to set-up and customise for even the most difficult of business requirements. Sentinel software contains many features and tools to help maximise your business sales and EPOS hardware investment. Brochure

Gpos Software

Being PC based, GPoS is capable of delivering "Legacy" ECR speed along with the advanced flexibility of a PC based product. GPoS is a PoS system that caters for NOW and the future. GPoS features a graphical user interface that can be easily customised. This graphical system reduces the training time for operators and makes it virtually language independent as each screen is fully user configurable. Brochure

Uniwell Epos

The flexibility of Uniwell software enables the system to be configured to suit different market sectors and styles of operation. Staff at all levels of business will see the benefits of a Uniwell touch screen system. Forget scribbled checks, kitchen staff are provided with clear and quickly printed orders helping to prevent mistakes. Managers are provided with the tools to achieve tight cash control - reduced discrepancies and increased margins. System options include, kitchen/order printers, label printers, kitchen displays, hand held ordering, barcode scanners, back office stock control and HQ management.

Quarion Epos

At the forefront of the QTouch² is the internationally acclaimed QMP software. It is exceptionally well balanced and incorporates great sensitivity to fine detail. Software and hardware therefore function seamlessly as a single entity. The embedded, high-performance program imparts the power to customize system parameters. Its dynamic memory allocation and easy programming permits you to assign resources to the parameters, which are most important to you. The decision to include many PLUs or a large volume of journal lines is yours to make. Extensive keyboard levels and an interactive windowsystem also make operation extremely user friendly. Set up custom menus, multiple function or quick tender keys fast and easy. Unsurprisingly, the QMP software makes management critical reporting effortless, whether it’s through a direct PC connection or a WAN.

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